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At the Green Jean Foundation, we are a dynamic organization committed to fostering a deep appreciation for agriculture, the backbone of our society. Our mission is to equip young minds with the necessary knowledge, tools, and hands-on experiences to thrive in this fundamental industry.

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What We Do

Empowering Children, Connecting Communities, & Innovating Agriculture


At the Green Jean Foundation, we are dedicated to fostering a deep appreciation for agriculture and equipping young minds to thrive in this vital industry. Here’s what we do:

Educate & Inspire:

We develop comprehensive and interactive agriculture curriculums tailored to different age groups, emphasizing practical learning in crop cultivation, animal husbandry, environmental sustainability, and modern farming technology.

Provide Infrastructure:

Through our initiatives, we donate state-of-the-art infrastructure like greenhouses, aquaponics systems, and farm equipment to schools and organizations, allowing hands-on experiences that cultivate understanding.

Connect & Collaborate:

Our revolutionary Green Jean Platform acts as a virtual marketplace, connecting farmers, ranchers, and agricultural professionals globally. It’s a space for networking, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration in the agricultural community.

Volunteer, Sponsor & Donate:

We offer various ways to get involved, from volunteering your time and expertise to sponsoring our initiatives or contributing to our charity fund. Together, we can make a lasting impact on global food security and the future of agriculture.

Our Story

The Green Jean Foundation: A Journey of Empowerment & Innovation


Founded with a vision to empower children through agriculture education and infrastructure, the Green Jean Foundation has grown into a dynamic organization committed to making a lasting impact on the agricultural sector.

Our story began with a simple belief: agriculture serves as the backbone of our society, providing sustenance, economic stability, and a connection to nature. Understanding its significance, we were determined to offer invaluable support to students by providing resources for comprehensive agricultural education.

Through our educational programs, infrastructure projects, and the Green Jean Platform, we have reached countless children, farmers, ranchers, and agricultural professionals. Our efforts have inspired the next generation to explore and engage in various agricultural practices, fostering appreciation, and preparing them to contribute with confidence and innovation.

Our mission continues to evolve, guided by our core values of collaboration, sustainability, and empowerment. We invite you to join us in our journey to equip young minds for the agricultural industry and bridge the gap between the agricultural community and the public at large.

Our Initiatives

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Volunteer Program

At the Green Jean Foundation, we believe that education is the key to unlocking a child’s potential. Our volunteer program invites passionate individuals to contribute their time and expertise to our mission of empowering children through agriculture education.

Sponsor Program

Our sponsorhip program offers businesses and individuals the opportunity to support our initiatives in agricultural education and infrastructure. By becoming a sponsor, you can make a lasting impact on global food security and the future of the agricultural industry.

Education Fund

The Green Jean Foundation’s education fund is dedicated to providing children with the resources they need for a comprehensive agricultural education. Your generous donation can empower the next generation to contribute to the agricultural sector with confidence and innovation.

Nurturing the Land, Feeding the World: Embracing Modernity and Sustainability in US Farming Practices.

Welcome to the Green Jean Education Topics, a dedicated section where we delve into the diverse and essential aspects of agriculture that shape our world and future. At the Green Jean Foundation, we believe that education is the cornerstone of innovation, sustainability, and empowerment in the agricultural sector. Our carefully curated topics are designed to inspire, inform, and engage individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

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4-H Florida 4-H is a vibrant youth development program that aims to engage young individuals across the state in hands-on learning experiences. As a part of the larger national 4-H network, Florida 4-H brings together the principles of experiential learning, positive...

Advancing Turfgrass Across the Nation

Turfgrass, an integral part of our landscapes, continues to evolve and adapt to the diverse climates and challenges faced across the country. Its importance goes beyond beautifying spaces; it's about sustainability, environmental contributions, and the well-being of...

Agriculture and Agritourism

Agriculture and Agritourism Agriculture and agrotourism are related but distinct concepts that involve different aspects of the agricultural industry and its interaction with the public. Here are the key differences between agriculture and agrotourism: 1....

Aquaculture and Aquaponics

Aquaculture & Aquaponics Aquaculture and aquaponics are innovative and sustainable methods of food production that have gained significant attention in recent years. Aquaculture refers to the farming of aquatic organisms such as fish, shellfish, and plants in...

Automaton Monitoring and Controls

Automaton Monitoring and Controls In recent years, the field of agriculture has witnessed a remarkable transformation with the advent of automation, monitoring, and controls technology. These advancements have revolutionized farming practices by integrating...

Best Management Practices

Best Management Practices The Best Management Practices (BMP) program in Florida, overseen by the Department of Agriculture, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the water management districts, is a comprehensive approach aimed at protecting water...


Cattle Florida has a long and rich history in cattle production. The arrival of Spanish explorers and settlers in the 16th century brought cattle to the region, laying the foundation for the state's cattle industry. These early settlers introduced Spanish cattle...


Citrus Citrus production in Florida has a long and rich history that dates back to the early 1800s when Spanish settlers introduced oranges to the region. Today, Florida is renowned for its thriving citrus industry, boasting vast orchards that span over 550,000 acres...


Dairy Dairy farming is an integral part of the global agricultural industry, providing a consistent supply of milk and dairy products to meet the growing demands of consumers worldwide. It is a specialized branch of farming that involves the management and care of...

Diving Deeper into Aquaculture and Aquaponics

A Closer Look at Aquaculture: Types of Aquaculture: Mariculture: This is a specialized form of aquaculture where we grow marine organisms in their natural habitats, like the open ocean. Think of it as "sea farming" where oysters, seaweeds, and certain fish species are...

 Farmer Spotlight:

Florida Citrus Done Right

Discover the Heart of Florida's Citrus Farming

Explore the vibrant world of Florida’s citrus industry through the eyes of Marlin Pendergrass, a third-generation farmer who epitomizes the passion and perseverance that defines this essential part of Florida’s agriculture.

In this enlightening video, journey to the fertile lands of South Central Florida and the Groves of Peace River, where Marlin and his family cultivate a diverse variety of fruit across 860 acres. From oranges to grapefruit and tangerines, the family’s dedication to the land reflects a broader commitment among farmers to act as environmental stewards.

Highlights Include:

  • Environmental Stewardship: Gain insights into the philosophy that drives farmers like Marlin to care for the land that sustains them. The video emphasizes the integral role of responsible farming in nurturing and preserving the environment.
  • The Challenges of Citrus Farming: From Citrus Greening to escalating production costs, delve into the obstacles that citrus farmers face, including innovative strategies to combat diseases and control costs.
  • Innovation and Collaboration: See firsthand how scientists, engineers, and growers are working together, experimenting with measures to control diseases, and seeking ways to minimize the need for chemical treatments.

Whether you’re passionate about sustainable agriculture, curious about Florida’s citrus legacy, or just love a good orange, this video offers a compelling glimpse into a world that’s both grounded in tradition and driven by innovation.

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